The Policing Lab seeks to assist law enforcement agencies with strategic optimization of their data and analytical capabilities. We assemble and deploy teams with specific experience and perspective to address unique agency needs, focusing on opportunities to improve information sharing, tactical and strategic analysis, operational effectiveness, and investigative functions.

Through a unique working relationship with the University of Chicago Crime Lab, The Policing Lab seeks to leverage the resources and expertise of one of the leading research institutions in the world to understand observed phenomena and test the efficacy of pilot programs, and then use that information to scale solutions in both urban and suburban environments.

The Policing Lab approaches agency support with holistic, strategic application of ideas that have long been proven effective. Our leaders and associates have worked directly with major cities such as Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam to encourage and enable policing innovation through our diverse, specialized, and evidence-based work.



The Partnership for Policing Innovation and Reform (The Partnership) is an independent, 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in Florida, headquartered in Miami.

The Partnership’s mission is to improve public safety and to reduce victimization in local neighborhoods. The Partnership exists to reduce violent crime, support constitutional policing, and build community trust. Mindful of the fact that underserved and vulnerable communities are most effected by gun violence and other burdens of the criminal justice system, the Partnership seeks to inspire and facilitate collaboration, leading to sustainable, constructive outcomes.

In order to effect positive change, we deploy an agile group of subject matter experts who have experience within the culture of policing, to inspire law enforcement leaders to make decisions that lead to tangible and manageable benefits.

Using private donor funding, the partnership seeks to test and scale solutions to leverage public dollars in support of fair and effective public safety strategies. These strategies are aimed at reducing the toll of gun violence and the harms generated by the criminal justice system.

The primary work of the Partnership is implemented through its technical assistance, research, and optimization program called The Policing Lab.